Fanfarlo - Let's Go Extinct

If you were able to simultaneously channel the polyrhythmic Stop-Making-Sense-era Talking Heads and the New Wave mid-'80's dance/pop of London's New Romantic period, you might get something like Let's Go Extinct (February 11) the third album from Fanfarlo. Frontman and founder Simon Balthazar describes the theme of the album as "playfully serious / seriously playful" in its lyrical take on human evolution (spoiler alert - it doesn't end well) but we think the description could easily be applied to the music as well. The jittery, percolating beats and Balthazar's Byrne-styled yelping vocals give songs like "The Distance" a nimble kick in the keister and turn the tumbling melodies from prog-pop minimalist flurries into seriously hooky (dare we say it) fun. As Q put it in their four-star review, "the end times have rarely sounded so sweet." Click through for "Myth of Myself," nab a free download of "A Distance" and watch "Landlocked."

Fanfarlo - "A Distance" (from Let's Go Extinct)

Fanfarlo - "Myth of Myself" (from Let's Go Extinct)