Emma Louise - Vs Head Vs Heart

The title of Emma Louise's new album Vs Head Vs Heart (May 21, French Kiss) could, on first pass, indicate the conflicts at play in the emotional life of any 21-year-old singer and songwriter. But this particular tug of war is rooted in the young Australian's early success when "Jungle", a track from her debut EP Full Hearts and Empty Rooms, became a radio and download favorite Down Under and also got her foot in the door across Europe and the U.S. The ruminations in her head and the lure of more radio friendly airplay ultimately gave way to her heart, the freedom to create songs that may not brandish an overt hook -- and may ultimately offer more of what she calls a "slow rise" for her career -- but they're also not disposable pop fodder. Vs Head Vs Heart is a simmering slow burn of an album, a collection of mesmerizing electro/acoustic songs that marry airy vocals, ticking beats and plush synth beds with spacious piano lines and jazz-inflected bass lines. Stream and watch the new video for "Mirrors" below...

Emma Louise - 'Atlas Eyes' (from Vs Head Vs Heart)

Emma Louise - 'Mirrors' (from Vs Head Vs Heart)