Eisley - Currents

Self-produced fourth full-length from Tyler, Texas' all-in-the-family band Eisley finds the four siblings (and a cousin) further refining and expanding their sound. A mix of off-kilter but melodic pop choruses and a dollop of arty indie rock, Currents (May 28, Equal Vision) is both smart, adventurous and, says the band's Sheree Dupree-Bemis, "honestly the first time we’ve had total and complete free reign over the making of one of our records and it felt so liberating." Referencing the album's title, she adds, "The current is constantly moving and flowing no matter what and that’s what we’ve always done together and plan to keep doing.” New track "Drink The Water" displays the band's confidence in experimenting in the studio as interesting rhythmic time signatures, an angelic vocal chorus, darting orchestration and a haunting piano hook combine in a swirl of dense production. Stream the title track after the jump...

Eisley - "Drink the Water" (from Currents)

Eisley - "Currents" (from Currents)