Ed Harcourt - Back Into the Woods

Ed Harcourt - Back Into the Woods (February 25, CCCLX) - Sixth studio album from the praised British tunesmith is a self-described "restoration project where you find all this incredible wallpaper lurking behind the wood paneling"...if 2010's Lustre had a more epic scope in style and production, Woods is a true "solo" album, stark and uncluttered, the result of a six-hour recording session at London's famed Abbey Road Studios with Harcourt accompanying himself on piano or guitar...After a few years of observing his "go to" status as one of the best collaborative co-writers out there, it's great to hear Harcourt dig deep into his own personal repertoire...while the economic nature of these rather naked recordings lends a "demo" quality to the production, the bare-bones style actually ends up bringing Harcourt's formidable gifts into sharp focus..."Like being in the front row of an exceptionally cozy concert, a subtle and seductive delight" -- BBC..."Hey Little Bruiser", written for his young son, exemplifies the confidence and rich melodies in abundance here, Harcourt's wife Gita adding some lovely violin lines to his own rippling piano chords...Stream "Wandering Eye" after the jump...

Ed Harcourt - 'Hey Little Bruiser' (from Back Into the Woods)

Ed Harcourt - 'Wandering Eye' from Back Into the Woods)