Dustin Tebbutt - The Breach EP

Dustin Tebbutt decided to pack up and move from his home in Australia to the chillier confines of Sweden for a couple years, a retreat to work, write and record. When he returned, "a bit lost and beaten," he discovered that he had gained a new personal understanding of himself in the world, a sense of home and some new songs along the way. Debut EP The Breach, just out now, is a pretty quiet affair but Tebbutt's exquisite D.I.Y. recordings have made some serious noise with the press, drawing some comparisons to another falsetto-prone singer who had made a similar retreat to write and record his early songs: Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. Recorded in a makeshift studio in his garage, The Breach has an intimate, hand-crafted feel that mirrors its humble creation but also imbues the songs with a heartfelt depth of emotion. One of the nicer surprises of the year. Click through for videos and to stream the EP's title track.


Dustin Tebbutt -"Where I Find You" (from The Breach EP)


Dustin Tebbutt -"The Breach" (from The Breach EP)