Dido - Girl Who Got Away

After the disappointing reception to her more organic Jon Brion-co-produced 2008 album Safe Trip Home, Dido's Girl Who Got Away (March 26, RCA) marks a shift back -- or at least a side-step -- to the glossy, electronica-tinged pop of her first two albums (30 million sold worldwide). Primary production assistance on the new project goes back to the man who got Dido started in the first place: brother Rollo Armstrong of the defunct dark dance/pop trio Faithless. To the perturbed confoundment of some critics and indie hipsters, Dido's comparatively simple, straightforward songs somehow connect in an equally simple and straightforward way. There are, of course, more sophisticated writers...and more charismatic singers. But despite a couple of missteps, Dido's Girl sounds simultaneously familiar and fresh, smartly playing to her strengths while delivering her most fully realized and diverse collection of songs yet. Stream the lovely "Sitting On the Roof of the World" and watch the lyric videos for "No Freedom" and "End of Night" after the jump...

Dido - 'Girl Who Got Away' (from Girl Who Got Away)

Dido - 'Sitting on the Roof of the World' (from Girl Who Got Away)