Diane Birch - Speak A Little Louder

On her new album Speak A Little Louder (October 15, S-Curve), Diane Birch hasn't lost an ounce of the "old school" pop/soul flair that graced the New York songstress' 2009 Bible Belt, an album we noted possessing "an astonishing range of both songwriting finesse and charismatic panache." But while Birch maintains her debut's remarkable vocal range and soulful vibe -- thanks in great part to some superb production support from Dap-Kings drummer Homer Steinweiss -- she's clearly  out to explore some bold new musical territory. The ending of a long-term romantic relationship and the loss of her father to cancer have given her lyrical bent a darker, more stormy outlook as titles like "Unf-cked," "Pretty In Pain" and "Frozen Over" will attest. Lead single "All The Love You Got" is a classic grand pop ballad of wistful regret and heartbreak, a beautifully melodic co-write with Adele collaborator EG White and co-produced by Roots mainman Questlove that is one of the year's best songs. "Tell Me Tomorrow" sounds like a mix of Stevie Nicks, Laura Nyro and Carole King, a percolating anthem of Phil Spectorish girl-group nostalgia reborn. Click through below for "All The Love You Got."


Diane Birch - "Tell Me Tomorrow" (from Speak A Little Louder)


Diane Birch - "All The Love You Got" (from Speak A Little Louder)