Daughter - If You Leave

Daughter originally began as the somber acoustic musings of British songwriter Elena Tonra, stripped-down songs that exhibited an intense, even brutal intimacy. "I got a bit bored of just me and my guitar," says Tonra so she expanded her Daughter to a trio with the inclusion of collaborator and electric guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella while fleshing out her haunting folk hymns into a darkly atmospheric style of alternative pop. Excellent new full length If You Leave (April 30, Glassnote) displays Tonra's brooding lovelorn melancholy and airy, icy and reverbed vocals meshing with ambient electronic washes, rumbling percussion and piercing guitar lines. As the brilliant "Smother" and shadowy "Lifeforms" demonstrate, the melodies may be spare and nearly stripped to the bone but there's something eerily effective in the way the songs slowly draw you in. Stream "Smother" and the Daughter version of the Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" (along with some live videos) after the jump...

Daughter - 'Lifeforms' (from If You Leave)

Daughter - 'Smother' (from If You Leave)