Christina Courtin - Varsity

New York singer/songwriter Christina Courtin follows up her fine 2009 Nonesuch debut with Varsity (March 5, Hundred Pockets), a graduation of sorts from her accomplished and witty folk/pop bow to a more vividly colorful stylistic palette embracing, as she puts it, "more of the real Christina...attitude, edge, and ROCK." Producers Mick McCarthy (Spoon, Patty Griffin) and longtime musical mate Ryan Scott offer Courtin able assistance as she explores everything from the head-bobbing, chiming guitar-riffed "I Am And You Are" and punky-spunked title track to the witty, theatrical rush of "Landslide Dive" and orchestrated dirge "Join Us Jackson." Holding it all together is Courtin's way with a subtle hook and a voice that maintains an appealing, naturally unsweetened quality. The gentle pulse of "Lightfighter" quickly reveals something deeper and darker below the surface, a gorgeous vocal and chorus building atop an insistent bass line and rumbling drum beat drama. Stream "Lenore" and watch the "Varsity" video below...

Christina Courtin - 'Lightfighter' (from Varsity)

Christina Courtin - 'Lenore' (from Varsity)