Cheyenne Mize - Among The Grey

The "grey" in Cheyenne Mize's Among The Grey (June 25, Yep Roc) is what the Louisville songstress calls "the good stuff in the middle," the "in-between" places that actually form the bulk of our experiences. We may think that life is about a beginning and a destination , the transition of child to adult, of black and white choices of stark contrast. But it's the fuzzy, unpredictable events along the way that provide the real narrative. Mize's own personal journey from the bedroom folk of her 2010 debut album Before Lately to the bolder, full-throated indie pop and retro rock influences of last year's We Don't Need EP come into sharper focus on the loose and organic Grey. While songs like "Whole Heart" retain the intimate, folk-driven style of her early compositions -- albeit on a grander production stage -- the literal flip side found in "Heart Hole" and the title track shudder with a sharp electric jolt, Mize's vocals moving from purring to powerful to deliver what she calls the album's "raw and person-driven sound." Pick up a Cheyenne Mize sampler -- with two new songs -- at Noisetrade. Stream the title track (and watch the video) below...

Cheyenne Mize - 'Whole Heart' (from Among The Grey)

Cheyenne Mize - 'Among The Grey' (from Among The Grey)