Brighter Later - The Wolves

Within the first minute of opening track "All The World" it's pretty obvious that we're heading into some pretty special dream/pop territory on The Wolves from Brighter Later, the Melbourne duo of Jaye Kranz and collaborator Virginia Bott (and play on the Nick Drake album title Bryter Layter). Released earlier this year, the debut has been met with rapturous critical response Down Under and was recently nominated for the Australian Music Prize. And we know why. These are songs hushed, unhurried and meticulously crafted with slo-mo intimacy, each melody laid out with care and burnished with intricate detail. Kranz posseses one of the most interesting voices we've heard this year, an instrument ideally suited for her alt-folk hymns fleshed out with lush, ethereal backing. Click through to stream "All The World" and watch the video for "The Woods," a track of "slow burning majesty," according to one besmitten scribe.

Brighter Later - "Magnolia" (from The Wolves)

Brighter Later - "All The World" (from The Wolves)

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