BRIEFS: Hozier

Hozier is the abbreviated moniker for Andrew Hozier-Byrne, an Irish singer/songwriter who's been gathering some blog buzz along with some Zane Lowe BBC 1 radio love (new single "From Eden" was named Lowe's "Hottest Record In the World" -- no worry about damning with faint praise there). On the heels of a well-received debut EP featuring title track "Take Me To Church" and arriving just in time for an upcoming Communion-sponsored appearance at SXSW, "Eden" digs deeper into Hozier's affection for American gospel, vintage blues and blue-eyed soul. With it's rolling rhythms and jazzy R+B feel, it certainly wouldn't sound out of place in a Van Morrison segue. “Listen to any song, from any era," says Hozier, "and you're looking through a keyhole into the artist's world as seen through their eyes." Click through to watch "Take Me To Church."

Hozier - "From Eden"

Photo Credit: Studio Ten