Bob Schneider - Burden Of Proof

The winner of twenty-two Austin Music Awards, Bob Schneider has worn enough various stylistic hats over the course of a dozen excellent albums to fill a nice sized closet. Rowdy, raucous lve show bandleader. Funky chunka-chunka riff-man with a blue-eyed soul streak. Sensitive singer/songwriter. Surprisingly elegant new album Burden of Proof, (June 11, Kirtland) continues Schneider's easy-peasy genre hopping: a nimble and more nuanced mix of tightly wound drama and exhuberant release painted with both broad colorful strokes and subtle, minimalist shades of grey. Part of Proof's more sophisticated sound is found in Schneider's generous use of strings as in the sweeping, cinematic "Searching For Icicles" (stream and watch the video after the jump) as well as a greater focus on exploring new ways to use his voice in the studio. "I wasn't worried about whether this stuff was going to work live or not," says Schneider. "It's like, who cares? Let's just make a beautiful record."

Bob Schneider - "Swimming In The Sea" (from Burden Of Proof)

Bob Schneider - "Digging For Icicles" (from Burden Of Proof)