Blue Rodeo - In Our Nature

For 25 years, Canada's beloved Blue Rodeo has been driving on the less-traveled back roads of country and rock and what has now been embraced as Americana -- or is that Canadiana -- quietly selling more than four million albums and racking up 12 Juno awards. Led by dual guitarists and songwriters Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, the veteran band returns with In Our Nature (November 19), an album that explores a more intimate and introspective sound while maintaining the usual impeccable level of songwriting. As Rolling Stone once opined, "If as many bands played with the honesty and passion of Blue Rodeo, this would be a different world indeed." Let's just add that if Blue Rodeo were a bunch of Austin 20-somethings, In Our Nature would be heralded by a bevy of goatee-stroking hipster critics. Click through below to stream "Paradise" and watch the video for "Mattawa/New Morning Sun."

Blue Rodeo - "When The Truth Comes Out" (from In Our Nature)

Blue Rodeo - "Paradise" (from In Our Nature)