Ásgeir - In The Silence

Twenty-one-year-old Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson has become something of a household name in his native Iceland where his debut album Dyrd í dauðathogn not only won multiple music awards it became the fastest-selling debut album ever by an Icelander. Ásgeir's ethereal mix of rhythmic folk, electronica and stunningly beautiful, Justin-Vernon-meets-Jeff-Buckley vocals also caught the ear of American musician and songwriter John Grant who now makes his home in the Iceland capitol of Reykjavik. Grant soon found himself taking on the task of helping to translate the album's original lyrics -- most written by Ásgeir's 72-year-old father -- into English. The reworked English album, now bearing the name In The Silence (February 4) is immersed in a heady brew of stately chamber pop and swooning folk melodies atop a gentle bed of twinkling beats. Click through to stream "In Harmony" and watch "King and Cross" and "Torrent."

Ásgeir - "Was There Nothing" (from In The Silence)

Ásgeir - "In Harmony" (from In The Silence)