Arthur Beatrice - Working Out

Fronted by dual vocalists Orlando Leopard and Ella Girardot and, yes, monikered with a twist on the name of the late Golden Girls actress, DC RADAR vets Arthur Beatrice fashion headphone music enhanced by the private, pin-drop-quiet surroundings of the studio -- you can practically feel the atmospheric spaces between the notes. What we've described as "a shining, shimmering example of coolly detached, progressive -- and distinctly British -- indie pop" gets a full-length roll with self-produced debut album Working Out (February 4, Harvest). Self-described as "written and recorded in our own space," the elegant and carefully measured music is a fine mix of the cerebral and sensual, particularly the latter when the sultry Girardot takes the microphone. Click through to stream the Leonard-fronted "Grand Union" and watch the fine in-the-studio video for "Midland." Stream the full album here.

Arthur Beatrice - "Singles" (from Working Out)

Arthur Beatrice - "Grand Union" (from Working Out)

"'Working Out' is the first time we have produced something entirely by ourselves. The record is very personal to us, having been written and recorded in our own space, where we were able to take the time to craft it into something we're hugely proud of."