Ann Pragg - Bitter Fruit

"We wanted to maintain a level of rawness and warmth with these songs," says Matt Radick -- aka Ann Pragg -- a singer and songwriter who also just happens to be a member of the Florida indie band Holopaw. Over the past few years Radick has recorded his own songs pretty much on the sly, laying down tracks on a four-track cassette recorder and, he says, "never too concerned about their destination, just happy to share them with friends." Those songs, described by his label Wonderland Archives as "lo fi, homemade recordings of carefully crafted, quietly crushing songs", finally see light of day as Bitter Fruit (May 7). Straddling meditative folk melodies and the reverbed chiming guitar chords, songs such as "Januarium" pull back the curtain on Radick's low-keyed bedroom songcraft. The musical stage is filled with shadows and the occasional shaft of light, revealing mood poems of unexpected depth and fine lyrical imagery. An exit from the mainstream bustle is required to really take a bite into the Bitter Fruit of Ann Pragg but it's a detour well worth exploring. Stream and watch the video for "Demolition Dust" below the jump...

Ann Pragg - 'Januarium'(from Bitter Fruit)

Ann Pragg - 'Demolition Dust'(from Bitter Fruit)