Anders & Kendall - Wild Chorus

Anders & Kendall - Wild Chorus (February 19, Nine Mile) - Anders Parker and Kendall Meade have been friends and musical cohorts for well over a decade but the raggedly appealing Wild Chorus is their first shot at a real collaboration...“From the second we started planning and then from the moment we started writing, I knew it was going to work,” says Kendall...Scott Minor, who had played with Meade in Sparklehorse, produced the project (the album takes it's title from Minor's Knoxville, Tennessee, studio)...There's a distinctive nostalgic aura throughout the album's eleven folk/rock tracks, from the Byrds-ian jangle and harmony (and mighty fuzztone denouement) of "Dreamers On the Ground" to the SoCal 70's pop feel of the aptly titled "Across The Years" (stream after the jump)...

Anders & Kendall - 'Dreamers On the Ground' (from Wild Chorus)

Anders & Kendall - Across The Years' from Wild Chorus)