Amanda Shires - Down Fell The Doves

"A lot of wrecking and ruination" is how Texas-raised singer/songwriter and fiddler Amanda Shires sums up the theme of Down Fell The Doves (August 6, Lightning Rod Records). And she should know. In the aftermath of a tumultuous period that saw the destruction of a four year relationship, her prized vintage violin in an onstage mishap and her ring finger (broken in three places in a freak accident), Shires wrote the successor to her 2011 breakout album Carrying Lightning in an emotionally bleak time. But while songs like "Deep Dark Below" and "Devastate" sum up the anguish and depression, Shires talks of the post-destruction rebuilding and "the inkling of hope" that peeks through at times. Producer Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes) imbues the album with sound that's equal parts honey and grit while Shires' collaborator and lovestruck new hubby Jason Isbell adds just the right touch of rumbling and haunting guitar. Click through to stream DC fave "The Drop and The Lift" and watch the "Devastate" video...

Amanda Shires - "Devastate" (from Down Fell The Doves)

Amanda Shires - "The Drop and The Lift" (from Down Fell The Doves)