Aimee Bobruk - /ba:'brook/

To say that Austin-based songwriter Aimee Bobruk likes to color outside of the lines, musically speaking, would qualify as a pretty serious understatement. It's not surprising that Bobruk, who cites silent movies, painting and cartoons as influences, named her January 29 album after the phonetic spelling of her name -- /ba:'brook/ -- this is an musician who brings a distinctive visual focus to her art, as if she wants to see what others might hear. Calling on local indie stalwarts producer/bassist Brian Beattie and drummer Dony Wynn to help interpret her songs instrumentally, Bobruk manages to find the hidden, shadowy essence of her compositions, turning a song like her new "Two of a Kind" from what might have been a straight forward folk/pop song into something reeling, woozy and completely left-of-center. And, concurrently, completely disarming. "A Day In the Life" has a loose, seat-of-your-pants quirky quality, a sing-a-long folk/pop charmer that even features a backing kids choir, says Bobruk, just so the vocals don't sound "too perfect." Stream (and watch) "Two of a Kind" below...

Aimee Bobruk - 'A Day In the Life' (from /ba:'brook/)

Aimee Bobruk - 'Two of A Kind' (from /ba:'brook/)