Aidan Knight - Small Reveal

You may refer to Aidan Knight as a singer/songwriter. There's even a song on his latest album titled (drum roll, please) "Singer/songwriter." And there are certainly a few tracks on the magnificent Small Reveal that fit into that play to the typical "man with a guitar" stereotype (like the breathtakingly gorgeous LP closer "Margaret Downe"). But then there's Aidan Knight, the five-piece band from Victoria, B.C. that also bears that name. And there are plenty of excursions on Small Reveal filled with smart, adventurous and gloriously left-of-center, band-driven art pop (such as the snaking and unpredictable six-minute chamber pop epic "You Will See The Good In Everyone"). Released last year north of the border to near universal critical acclaim, Small Reveal -- arriving stateside July 22 -- is one of those odd albums that's all over the place -- lyrically and musically -- because you feel like it simply can't be restrained. And, as you might guess, it's all the better for it. Stream "Margaret Downe" -- and by all mean check out the lyrics -- and watch a live in the studio version of "A Mirror" when you click through below...

Aidan Knight - "You Will See the Good In Everyone" (from Small Reveal)

Aidan Knight - "Margaret Downe" (from Small Reveal)

"Margaret Downe" lyrics:

Margaret in the morning
Sleeping on her side
Tossing men like nickels into
The ever rising tide
I heard she was a dentist
Before she fell in love
Freezing leaden smiles
Just to give them up

Margaret at the office
Margaret at eighteen
She said "Sit right down a minute"
She said "Let me clean your teeth"
So we settled down in Bozeman
In the corner of the world
We raised a couple children
But we lost a little girl

Heartbreak in Montana
We slowly grew apart
A grocery clerk in Moncton
As she was dancing in the bar
You rushed him to the courtroom
Before the bed was cold
And defrosted out my windshield
When you smiled and let me know

The many cavities pulling
At our marriages tender mouth
And at the root of all the problems
Was a man across the canal
Margaret left the practice
Late in '86
I left behind the midwest
And forgot we ever kissed

I knew she changed her number
But couldn't shake the cough
The doctor gave her six weeks
Which only made her shrug it off
Resting in her fifth week
I brought her buttercups
There was too much to say between us
And I'd only fuck it up
So, I stared up at the ceiling
And I held her little hands
And you knew that I forgave you
For making other plans

Margaret in the morning
Sleeping on her side
Strolls into the waves
Of an ever rising tide