Patti Smith - Banga

This isn't the first time we've had to toss out every preconception that we've ever held onto about Patti Smith. New album Banga (June 5, Columbia), her first album in eight years (and eleventh since her groundbreaking 1975 Horses debut) once again reinvents and reinvigorates her uniquely personal style. You know immediately that this is Patti Smith but this time the sound is lush, full and deep, her voice rich and commanding but comfortable, almost serene as if the knowledge that her tumultuous impact on music is now etched forever regardless of anything she does now. Perhaps without the weight of having something to prove has actually helped Smith deliver a masterful, artful and dare we say graceful modern rock album. From the sweet slow dance in memory of Amy Winehouse ("This Is The Girl"), glorious anthem about the wake of the Japanese tsunami ("Fuji-San") and even a powerful, orchestrated song inspired by the 15th century explorer Amerigo Vespucci ("Amerigo"), the magical Banga presents yet another series of creative facets from a true original. Free download "April Fool" is one of the best things we've heard all year.

Patti Smith - "April Fool" (from Banga) FREE DOWNLOAD

Patti Smith - "Fuji-san" (from Banga)