Jim Moray - Skulk

Jim Moray wants you to jettison whatever preconceptions you may have about British folk music. While much of the current nu-folk movement in the U.K. tends to be modern songwriting dressed up (or, rather, stripped down) to an intimate and acoustic nexus, Moray reverses that strategy by reimagining primarily traditional folk songs into works of elaborate and dramatic art/pop. Any strict genre borders -- pop, rock, soul and folk -- are meaningless inhibitions in Moray's world. Taking its name from the word for a collection of foxes, the self-produced fifth album Skulk (April 10, U.K.) offers up potpourri of eclectic tracks, moving seamlessly from reworked traditional songs like the stunning seven-minute centerpiece "Lord Douglas" -- with the occasional new twist on melody or lyric -- as well as new interpretations of Fleetwood Mac's "Big Love" and Anais Mitchell's "If It's True" (from her folk "opera" Hadestown). Stream the full Skulk at Moray's Bandcamp page. "If It's True" video below...

Jim Moray - "If It's True" (from Skulk)

Jim Moray - "The Captain's Apprentice" (from Skulk)