Watch: Chrysta Bell (w/ David Lynch) - "This Train"

"Gypsy siren uber femme beauty junkie" is how Chrysta Bell describes herself on her Facebook page, qualities we're sure that got the creative socks of David "Twin Peaks" Lynch rolling up and down. Bell and collaborator Dutch Rall teamed up with Lynch for "This Train", a moody nightscape of a video that wouldn't be out of place in a Peaks-ian dream sequence or a scene from the surreal Mulholland Drive. To say that Bell oozes a rather sultry quality in the video would be something of an understatement, but we think that the song itself -- reminiscent of Bird York's "In the Deep" from the closing titles of the movie Crash -- has it's own hypnotic and seductive power.

Chrysta Bell - "This Train" (from the album This Train)