RADAR: Amanda Mair

Precocious, piano-playing pop prodigy Amanda Mair may be all of just 17 -- and signed to a label deal two years ago -- but the singer/songwriter has already received attention outside of her Stockholm home for her combination of haunting balladry and frisky, radio-friendly pop songs. Drawing "Dusty Springfield meets Kate Bush" comparisons thanks to her silken soprano and propelled pop anthems -- most notably on the "Running Up That Hill"-styled tracks "House" and "Doubt" -- Mair's self-titled debut arrives in Europe today with a U.S. drop now getting a green light for May 8 June 5. As with many Swedish pop productions, 80's-styled syn-drums and fluffy harmonied sweetening sometimes get in the way of what is a basically lovely voice and hook-driven melody, abdicating simple pleasures to a heavy slathering of extraneous production veneer. All that aside, we think Mair's skill with well-crafted song and possession of an impressive voice that defies her age makes her remarkably grown-up debut a promising listen. Watch the video for "Sense" below.

Amanda Mair - "Doubt" (from Amanda Mair)

Amanda Mair - "House" (from Amanda Mair)