Listen: Young Statues - "Spacism"

Philly band Young Statues saunters that fine line between bright n' brash indie pop and jammy jangle neo-folk/rock on their forthcoming self-titled album arriving November 8. New single "Spacism" has a hint of that not-so-rare bird, the call of the male Angst Teen Warbler, but we think there's more here than may meet the eye (or ear) on an initial listen. Led by songwriter and frontman Carmen Cirignano - a dude comfortable with a James Taylor or Neil Young cover now and then - "Spacism" finds the Statues melding some shimmering guitar riffs, strutting bass line and a boisterous drum kick on for a song that simply doesn't have the time to catch its breath. Play. Repeat. Play.

Young Statues - "Spacism" (from Young Statues)