Trent Dabbs - Southerner

Trent Dabbs - Mississippi-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter is also known for his touring Ten Out of Tenn songwriter caravans...sixth album, getting a wider national roll-out in September, finds the tunesmith revisiting his Dixie roots // Release: Southerner (September 13) // Sounds like: artisan acoustic-focused folk/pop with the occasional venture into tougher edged climes, like the rich and ragged "Neil Young" // Quote: "I wanted to peel back the layers...and portray ten separate stories that have been woven into my southern life...” // What we like: the easy charms and striking melodic hook of a chorus in "Can I Cross Your Mind"...the dark shadows lurking around the hazy edges of the title track (great line: "one thing no man deserves is the love of Southerner")...

Trent Dabbs - "Can I Cross Your Mind" (from Southerner)

Trent Dabbs - "Southerner" (from Southerner)