Daniel Isaiah - High Twilight

Daniel Isaiah - Montreal singer/songwriter (and award-winning filmmaker) drops his last name -- Schachter -- and delivers an exceptional album of literate, finely crafted indie pop with eclectic touches of folksy Americana, glammy art/rock, French chanson and even a bit of Dixieland // Release: High Twilight (June 7, Secret City) // Sounds like: an appealing mishmash of styles that somehow works, helped in no small way by Isaiah's voice, an instrument that seems to take on a different personality and sound in each song // What we like: the gentle, toe-tapping "Emma Grace"...graceful, hymnlike album opener "Anita, On the Banks", slowly building to majestic release ...jangling, light-fuzzed guitar riffs that ride the persistent beat of "The Naked Night"...the lovely ethereal vocals throughout High Twilight from Charlotte Loseth of Sea Oleena...

Daniel Isaiah - "High Twilight" (from the album High Twilight)

Daniel Isaiah - "Anita, On the Banks" (from the album High Twilight)