Briefs: Misty Miller - Misty Miller

Misty Miller - Ukulele-playing 16-year-old Londoner writes lilting pop/folk songs that have a classic feel, thanks in part to a voice that has a "wise-beyond-her-years" smoky sensuality...references Elvis, Billie and Dusty in her bio (and she's 16, right?) // Release: Misty Miller (just out in the U.K., iTunes U.S.) // Sounds like: a tad less mannered, less cerebral Laura Marling with a shot of rye and both precocious and sentimental streaks...this girl could sing just about anything (and well) // What we like: the oddly effective piano/uke pairing (and that voice) on the somber but quietly dazzling "Hope"...the tender, smile-inducing lyrics of the young admirer (rhyming roast...toast...most) in "Ollie"...the way find ourselves rethinking the possibilities of the ukulele in tracks like the trad-folkie update "Home" and upbeat "Bones"...


Misty Miller - "Hope" (from the album Misty Miller)

Misty Miller - "Bones" (from the album Misty Miller)