RADAR: Alexz Johnson

"I feel stronger, wiser", says 25-year-old Vancouver-raised, NYC transplant Alexz Johnson -- positive words indeed from the singer/songwriter (and actress) who has seen her music tied up in major label turmoil not once, but twice in the last five years. Finally following the release of her debut LP Voodoo (and it's 2011 remix Reloaded), Johnson has regrouped creatively for her next project: a 2012 full-length preceded by a five-song preview EP Skipping Stone arriving in January that promises torchy ballads, retro country and seductive alt-pop. The fine title track, mixed by Greg Wells (Adele), leads the way with a free download now and video premiere December 10 (watch the teaser below). This time around, says Johnson, "the vocals are the star." Listening to "Skipping Stone" and backtracking to "Look at Those Eyes" (from Voodoo Reloaded) we couldn't agree more.

Alexz Johnson - "Skipping Stone" (from the Skipping Stone EP)

Alexz Johnson - "Look at Those Eyes" (from Voodoo Reloaded)