Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Chasing Someday

To counter the Nashville hokum-heavy stereotype of big hats, steel guitars and tear-in-your-beer emotion of a man's relationship with his tractor, there's the gloriously un-twang music of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Over the past five years, Holcomb's savvy combination of earnest midwestern rock and folksy southern charm coupled with non-stop touring with his fine-tuned band have burnished his reputation and dramatically expanded his audience. His new fan-funded album Chasing Someday, arriving February 8 (Dualtone), is a prime cut of skillful journeyman musicianship from the heartland. Cutting his teeth as a songwriter in a town filled with tunesmiths, Holcomb has elevated his music from folk club intimacy to an arena-sized power of a budding Petty or Springsteen, ragged guitar riffs and booming dramatic crescendos punctuating the force of his live shows.

Produced by Andy Hunt -- who honed his studio craft working with Jacquire King (Kings of Leon) and Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse) -- Chasing Someday reflects Holcomb's varied musical moods and styles with rich, full-bodied sound. From the slow dance sway of "Someday" to the Springsteen-styled theatrics of "Miracle" to the killer melodic hook and commanding vocals of Holcomb's wife Ellie in the radio anthem "Your Love," this is an album that effectively plays to its modest reach with a singular confidence and impressive, passionate prowess. Not surprisingly, Holcomb frames his music's focus in terms of his fans: “We want to write songs that have moments of honesty, transcendence, and humanity, so our audience lets the songs into their lives."

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Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - "Fire and Dynamite" (from the album Chasing Someday)

Drew Holcomb - "Your Love" (from the album Chasing Someday)