The Rescues - Let Loose the Horses

Comprised of four L.A. singer/songwriters - Adrianne Gonzalez, Kyler England, Gabriel Mann, and Rob Giles - The Rescues came together initially at the request of friend who wanted them to play at his wedding. The result was a surprisingly personal chemistry onstage and eventual creative marriage for the quartet. After a couple of years of local gigs, writing and recording their self-released debut album Crazy Ever After and exposure via multiple song placements on the usual run of TV shows (Grey's Anatomy, etc.), The Rescues are readying their sophomore album,  Let Loose The Horses for a June 22 street via Universal Republic.

Perhaps it's the So-Cal sun or something in the L.A. water, but The Rescues strike a resonating chord akin to one of the most legendary of sweet harmonied, multi-songwriter West Coast bands: Fleetwood Mac. From the trade-off and multi-layered vocals to the chugging pop/rock rhythms to the dense mix of chiming guitars and keyboards, the band delve deep into the Rumour-esque brand of hummable melodies and killer chorus hooks. But at the heart and soul of The Rescues is simply (and not surprisingly) the depth of the songwriting on display -- as with most bands that feature multiple contributors, the quality of the material is exceptionally high. Recommended.

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The Rescues - "Let Loose The Horses" (from the forthcoming album Let Loose The Horses)

The Rescues - "Crazy Ever After" (from the album Crazy Ever After)