Frally - The Light

Her nine year marriage to Ben Folds may be over, but the trauma of a relationship gone awry bleeds through the tracks of Australian singer/songwriter Frally Hyne's impeccable, quietly stunning debut album. Recently self-released digitally, The Light is an inspired masterwork of sensitive, sensual songcraft as well as an incisive, deeply personal look inside the emotional wreckage of a couple's painful split. "It just kind of cracks you open in a lot of ways," say Frally, "I don't know that I would have made this particular record if that hadn't have happened." Still, she maintains, "I don't think it is a blaming record. It is more about my own reflection." Making The Light was also, she observes, "sort of like therapy" and gave her the chance to "find your own voice."

Frally's redemptive journey can be traced in the words of many of The Light's ten songs, but the hushed tone and stately pace reveal more than just lyrical insight. Tracks the likes of "Remembrance Day," a graceful hymn and duet with Teddy Thompson, the gently uptempo "Not Supposed to Miss You" (with Ben Lee) and beautifully textured "Old/New" (with Jolie Holland) are just a few examples of the subtle but masterful use of melody, Frally's sweet, wistful voice and perfectly nuanced folk/pop instrumentation that make The Light required listening. Highly recommended.

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Frally - "Remembrance Day" (featuring Teddy Thompson) (From the album The Light)

Frally - "Not Supposed to Miss You" (with Ben Lee) (from the album The Light)

Photo Credit: Dylan Coker