Cary Brothers - Under Control

There's a pretty good reason why Nashville-to-L.A. singer/songwriter Cary Brothers chose the title Under Control (April 6) for his long awaited second album. Months after the release of his well-received Who You Are debut album in 2007, Brothers realized that handing over what he calls the "day to day" management of his music to a label was depriving him of the active involvement he missed. Best known for his track "Blue Eyes" on the bestselling Garden State soundtrack, Brothers notes now that "the details after the studio are what makes it feel like satisfying work" and after extended negotiations, bought back the master to his new album and freed himself of his label.

Under Control was produced by Bill Lefler (Dashboard Confessional) who worked with Brothers for five months in L.A. during the writing and recording process. The ten Control tracks gleaned from the sessions flex their production muscles with finesse -- this is no ordinary sensitive troubadour looking to share a little somber navel-gazing introspection. Tracks such as lead single "Ghost Town" have a strong dramatic pulse coursing through them, an oversized, embracing SoCal pop sound that's more akin to Coldplay/Fray mainstream melodic rock than intimate folk acoustics. Also included: a stylish remake of the Level 42 80's hit "Something About You." Highly recommended. "Required listening for a developing generation of fans of smart, heartfelt, original music." -- The Boston Globe


Cary Brothers - "Ghost Town" (from the album Under Control)