Dala - Everyone Is Someone

Some voices were just meant to be together. We realized that pretty quickly when listening to Everyone Is Someone, the third album of striking folk/pop from Toronto's Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine, AKA Dala. It's actually fitting that the their name should come from combining the last syllable of their first names since their sound is so dependent on the intricate juxtaposition of their lovely voices in harmony. Like The Indigo Girls, The Webb Sisters or fellow Canadians Madison Violet, Dala travel musically amidst contemporary folk landscapes that tap into the traditions of the past, in this case an appealing mix of fluid Everly Brother-ish soaring, catchy pop melodies, Brit-folk acoustic jangle and some 70's Laurel Canyon pop a la Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash and Fleetwood Mac. '

There's nothing too mysterious or edgy lurking amidst the mostly luminous, hummable tracks that make up Everyone Is Someone, finally getting a proper U.S. release January 25 Compass. In fact, part of Dala's appeal is the way songs such as "Lonely Girl" or "Levi Blues" simply lay themselves out without a hint of pretense or dark irony, just sweetly nuanced melodies delivered with an unequivocal joy of two young women who simply love singing together. Live, as they proved at last year's Newport Folk Festival, Dala can make the most of just one guitar and two voices. For Everyone the production is fleshed out with some tasteful instrumental touches and orchestration but there's never any doubt that the vocals should be smartly front and center.

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Dala - "Lonely Girl" (from the album Everyone Is Someone)

Dala - "Horses" (from the album Everyone Is Someone)