'13 REDUX: Goldfrapp

REDUX: Some of our favorite artists and albums of 2013 presented in no particular order. We'll post one per day until the January 1.

Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory -- aka Goldfrapp -- abandon the pop beats of their last, admittedly "rushed," 2010 LP Head First and journey headlong into a gorgeously orchestrated dreamscape on Tales of Us, their sixth studio project together. The pastoral and alt-folk '08 album Seventh Tree gave us the duo's serene "down" side but the character-driven songs of Tales take the nocturnal mood to a new cinematic level. That widescreen analogy is apropos considering Alison's relationship with filmmaker Lisa Gunning -- her real life romantic partner -- a pairing that's rendered a couple of interesting artful, Euro-noirish music videos. Tales of Us promised "suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales and modern folklores" and the sumptuous conceptual tracks live up to those heady descriptors. The spacious, sweeping "Alvar," combining piano, upright bass and strings, is the sonic equivilent of gossamer layered thick on crushed velvet. Find some good headphones, close your eyes and just go with it. Click through below to stream "Ulla" and watch the provocative Gunning-directed videos...


Goldfrapp - "Alvar" (from Tales Of Us)


Goldfrapp - "Ulla" (from Tales Of Us)