O.A.R. Looking for Hometown Vibe on June 10 'Rockville LP'; Stream "Peace"

O.A.R. have announced the June 10 release of their new studio album The Rockville LP, the band's first for Vanguard Records. Stream the first single "Peace" below.

From the Press Release: Proving that sometimes you can in fact go home again, the album is a reflection of the creative renewal that band members – Marc Roberge, Chris Culos, Richard On, Benj Gershman and Jerry DePizzo – felt upon returning to their hometown of Rockville, Maryland after years living in far flung locations and across millions of miles on the road.  The result is a collection of their most personal songs to date.

O.A.R. is renowned for an intense, vibrant live show — including selling out Madison Square Garden twice —and the communal feeling it shares with its fans. With each studio album, the band has endeavored to get closer to that sense of immediacy. On The Rockville LP, it comes the closest.

“Every true band always wants and always tries to bring the live energy onto their album,” Roberge says. “For some reason, it’s the most elusive thing, so I’ll never say we nailed it, I’ll just say we gave it everything we had on this album.”

O.A.R.is supporting the single and upcoming album with their “Extended Stay” club tour, eschewing the large venues to play multiple nights in more intimate venues in April and May, visiting west coast cities that have been largely missed over the last several years. The band will be announcing a national summer tour shortly.