Allen Toussaint Gets Deep Into His Own 'Songbook' on September Live LP

New Orleans music legend Allen Toussaint will release a career spanning Songbook on September 24 via Rounder. The album (and accompanying DVD) features live performances of twenty five of Toussaint's songs recorded live at the Joe's Pub in New York. See the track listing below.

From the Press Release: The Rounder release will offer a deluxe version which will include a CD with 25 songs and a 90-minute DVD that features the second of two live performance filmed at Joe’s Pub in September 2009, plus a 25-minute studio interview; and a standard CD that offers 12 of Toussaint’s classic compositions interpreted by the legendary songsmith himself.  
The list of those who have benefited in one way or another from Allen Toussaint’s touch is staggering in its historic and stylistic range, stretching from the late 1950s to the present day, with no end in sight. His studio productions have sold millions of discs and downloads. His catalog of songs has generated hits on the pop, R&B, country and dance charts, and many remain on heavy rotation in various radio formats. His tunes continue to pop up as TV themes and advertising jingles. He has an ever-growing international circle of fans, and though previously reluctant to tour, in recent years he’s become a more familiar figure at music festivals and popular nightclubs around the world.
Though Toussaint has begun to travel far and wide as of late, he never stays away from New Orleans for long – and his music never does. In so many ways, his enduring career  -- as this collection so vividly illustrates -- serves as an ongoing tribute to the city of his birth.
In the last fifteen years, Toussaint has experienced a growing resurgence of activity and recognition. Since ’96, he’s recorded seven albums and collaborated with the likes of Elvis Costello and Eric Clapton. He’s been Grammy® nominated and inducted into a number of Halls of Fame. He’s been sampled by such hip-hop heavyweights as O.D.B., Biz Markie, KRS One and OutKast, and appeared nationally on TV and radio – often on the urging of such longtime fans as Paul Shaffer and Harry Shearer, and most recently on the HBO series Treme.
With a honed sense of dry humor, Toussaint calls 2005’s Hurricane Katrina his booking agent, crediting the storm for rebooting his career as a performer after flooding him out of home and studio. In order to recover – financially, musically, spiritually – Toussaint relocated to New York City and began to perform solo concerts, using Joe’s Pub on Lafayette Street as a home base. Buoyed by a groundswell of support, he worked at something that years of success in the studio had allowed him to avoid: getting truly comfortable on the stage by himself, laying claim to his own songs.
Modesty had a lot to do with it; Allen Toussaint still is not the first person one would go to for information on Allen Toussaint. “I’m not accustomed to talking about myself,” he once explained during a gig, “I talk in the studio with musicians. Or through my songs.”
But over time, Toussaint developed his act – resurrecting material he hadn’t touched in years, taking chances and improvising on established melodies, weaving personal anecdotes into his stage patter. He laced his music with memories of street characters and soul sisters, funky clubs and big-time successes. His show became his story, and his story came together and began to flow – which brings us to the musical treasure before you.
The what, when and how of this collection is comprehensively explained by its creator Paul Siegel – a veteran video producer, and lifelong enthusiast of Toussaint’s work. As this DVD is an important historical document and an overdue personal testament from a musical genius to his fans, it also stands as a tribute to Siegel’s passion for a man who – like too many of New Orleans’s heroes – often evades the national radar.
Nearly eight years after Katrina, New Orleans continues to recover, and Toussaint has returned permanently to the city he never truly left. Give him the heat and the humidity, the spice and the rice, the funky sound of a Second Line and the cool feel of a southern night. “I apologize,” Toussaint sings, “to anyone who can truly say that he has a found a better way.”

Songbook Track listing:
  1. It's Raining 
  2. Lipstick Traces 
  3. Brickyard Blues 
  4. With You In Mind
  5. Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further? 
  6. Sweet Touch of Love
  7. Holy Cow 
  8. Get Out Of My Life, Woman
  9. Freedom for the Stallion 
  10. St. James Infirmary 
  11. Shrimp Po Boy (Dressed) 
  12. Soul Sister 
  13. All These Things
  14. We Are America/Yes We Can
  15. Optimism Blues 
  16. Old Records Certain Girl Medley: Certain Girl/Mother-in-Law/Fortune Teller/Working in a Coal Mine
  17. New Orleans Thing
  18. Crawfish, Everyday
  19. No Place Like New York 
  20. Southern Nights 
  1. It’s Raining
  2. Lipstick Traces
  3. Brickyard Blues
  4. With You In Mind
  5. Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further?
  6. Sweet Touch Of Love
  7. Holy Cow
  8. Get Out My Life, Woman
  9. St. James Infirmary
  10. Shrimp Po Boy (Dressed)
  11. Soul Sister
  12. All These Things
  13. We Are America/Yes We Can
  14. Old Records
  15. Lover Of Love
  16. Certain Girl Medley: Certain Girl/ Mother-in-Law/ Fortune Teller/ Working In A Coal Mine
  17. New Orleans Thing
  18. Crawfish, Everyday
  19. No Place Like New York
  20. Southern Nights
  21. Freedom For The Stallion