Paula Cole Flies Indie on Fan Funded April 23 Album 'Raven'

Singer/songwriter Paula Cole has announced the release of her sixth studio album -- and first independent release -- Raven for an April 23 street date. The self-described "highly personal" collection of new songs was funded by fans through Kickstarter. Performing with Cole are two long-standing musical collaborators, drummer Ben Wittman and guitarist Kevin Barry. "I have been playing with them both since I was 19 years old," says Cole, "and there's an intuition here that's breathless." Rounding out the studio band will be bassist Tony Levin, best known for his work with Peter Gabriel. "I've been on major labels for years and I feel fortunate and free as I embrace the new entreprenurial reality of going direct to my fans", Cole says on her Kickstarter video. Lead track and video from Raven will be "Eloise."

Photo: Erica McDonald