St. Vincent Wraps Fourth Album for February 25 Release

St. Vincent, the performance moniker of singer/songwriter and guitarist Annie Clark, will release her fourth studio album on February 25 via Republic Records according to her new label's 2014 release schedule. The upcoming project, the followup to her 2011 album Strange Mercy, is currently listed as self-titled though that may change with an official release announcement from Clark and Republic. Check out a snippet of some new music in the youtube video announcing her European tour below. Lead track fron the new album will be Birth In Reverse.

Coming off her 2012 collaborative album with David Byrne, Love This Giant, Clark headed back to Texas to write and record her latest songs. “I approach my work as I would a day job,” she tells Smithsonian Magazine. “If you’re a writer, you have to write. If you’re a musician, you have to make music. I wrote a lot of this new record in a shed behind my friend’s house in South Austin. I would go out there every morning like I was going to work. I wanted to go someplace to write that wasn’t New York. It was February and I wanted to be somewhere warm. When I wrote Strange Mercy [released in 2011], I did something similar in Seattle.”

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