Glen Hansard, Eddie Vedder's "Drive All Night" Springsteen Tribute Due 11/26

A studio duet from Glen Hansard and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder on Bruce Springsteen's "Drive All Night" is the title track of a forthcoming four-song EP from Hansard due for release November 26 via ANTI-. The album, released in support of Record Store Day, will include three additional new Hansard tracks: "Pennies In the Fountain," "Renata," and "Step Out of the Shadows." The EP will be available the following week on CD.

Hansard has made "Drive All Night" a favorite of his live set over the past couple of years and he and Vedder have performed the song together as well, most notably in a performance recorded for Portuguese TV (watch below). On the new studio recording, Hansard and Vedder recreate their live performance with support from Jake Clemons, the saxophone-playing nephew of the E Street Band's legendary "Big Man," the late Clarence Clemons.