James Vincent McMorrow Goes 'Post Tropical' on R+B-Flavored January LP

Critically acclaimed Dublin-based singer and songwriter James Vincent McMorrow will release his second studio album Post Tropical on January 14 via Vagrant. The new longplayer succeeds McMorrow's 2011 debut album Early In the Morning, an album we described as "quite simply, a stunning achievement." Unlike that album's stripped bare folk style (recorded DIY in a deserted seashore house in Ireland), Post Tropical taps into McMorrow's "lifelong love of hip-hop and atmospheric R&B," according to the official press release. "I wanted to give this record the feel and movement of the R&B records that I love," he says. "I'm so proud of that album (Early In The Morning), but I never longed to be a guy with a guitar. The texture of this record is completely different."Watch the album trailer below...

More from McMorrow: “It’s so exhausting trying to keep up with styles of music that pop up one week, and disappear the next. For me, Post Tropical evokes a style of music without you having a clue what it sounds like. It’s warm and familiar, but there’s something there that’s maybe not quite what you think it is. I just wanted to make the most beautiful thing that I could imagine. And that was it.”

From the press release: Written, produced, and performed entirely by McMorrow, Post Tropical was recorded on a pecan farm half a mile from the Mexican border located between El Paso and ruthless bustle of Juárez. Built up slowly and spontaneously from hundreds of non-linear sound files and lyric pages, the result is ten stunning, meticulously crafted original songs.

It's a step forward that is immediately apparent on album opener and first single "Cavalier" - a brooding twist on the Slow-Jam, which builds quietly from hushed keys and hand-claps to soaring brass, beats and McMorrow's idiosyncratic falsetto. Across the album, the sounds and melodies evolved from a painstaking process of building texture: there are 808s on the haunting "Red Dust," looped piano on "Looking Out", and 50 mandolins made to sound like a waterfall on "The Lakes."

'Post Tropical' is the follow-up to McMorrow's acclaimed 2011 debut album, Early in the Morning, which Q said, "Sounds both fresh and as if [it's] been in your head forever," and earned McMorrow a #1 debut, a Jools Holland performance, and platinum certification in Ireland.