Vampire Weekend Wrap "Darker, More Organic" Third Album for May 7 Street

Vampire Weekend have announced the May 7 release of their as-yet-untitled third album. The new project, the follow up to the New York quartet's well-received 2010 album Contra,  is said to be, according to singer and guitarist Ezra Keonig, "darker and more organic” and “very much the last of a trilogy". "Making every record is a process full of tough times" he tells NME. "Invariably that's how it is for us. When we started to work a few days a week and really pick things up we immediately had maybe two or three songs that we thought were perfect for this record, a new vibe, quality songwriting. We felt great about them for two or three months, but then after a while you realize, 'OK, we have two or three great songs and we need 11 or 12'." For the first time, Vampire Weekend looked for a producer other than their own Rostam Batmanglij and found Ariel Rechtshaid, someone who, says Keonig, "personality-wise and vibe-wise, almost felt like they could be a member of the band." Lead track "Unbelievers" made its broadcast debut last fall on Jimmy Kimmel -- watch below.