Fleetwood Mac to Release Three New Songs in Support of 2013 Tour

Fleetwood Mac have recorded three new songs for release prior to the band launching a major U.S. tour April 4, Stevie Nicks tells Billboard. "Two of the tunes, 'Sad Angela' and 'Miss Fantasy,' stem from sessions guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood held earlier this year, while Nicks describes the third as 'an old Buckingham Nicks song that, really, we can't either one of us figure out why it didn't go on the record.'

The songs were recorded in November at Buckingham's home studio while the quartet was gathered to discuss its tour plans. "We wanted to have something to put out before we go out, January or February, in whatever way you do that -- iTunes or something," explains Nicks, who says she herself doesn't own a computer or spend time on the Internet. "And since nobody really cares about albums anymore, if you can come up with two or three great songs and just put them out there...people can at least hear how we sound today when it comes to actually recording.'"

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