Brooke Waggoner's 'Originator' Dropping March 5; Stream "Ink Slinger"

Nashville piano/pop songwriter Brooke Waggoner has announced the March 5 release of Originator, her third studio album and first since 2009's Go Easy Little Doves. Stream lead track "Ink Slinger" below.

Press Release: It’s been over three years since Brooke Waggoner has released a new album, but she’s been far from inactive.

“In the span of time between the release of my last album, Go Easy Little Doves, in 2009 and the beginning of production on Originator in 2011, I spent my time producing albums for other bands, writing music for short films, and playing piano in Jack White's all-female band, The Peacocks,” Brooke remarked. “It’s been a good time to ‘fill my well’ so to speak.”

On March 5th, Brooke will release her third studio album: Originator. With her ethereal vocals and haunting piano woven through every song it’s her finest work yet.

Since the release of her debut EP, Fresh Pair Of Eyes in 2007, Brooke Waggoner has attracted an eclectic group of fans and writers. Publications as diverse as The New York Times, NME, Paste, and her hometown paper, The Tennessean have all raved about her talents.

Keeping true to her sound, Brooke recorded Originator in Nashville with vintage gear and tape. No computers --- just a room with really good musicians and ears for beautiful things.

“It’s a project that I actively sought to progress sonically, emotionally, lyrically, and artistically,” Brooke commented. “The songs feel like a new period in my writing and I pushed harder on this record than I ever have in the past.”

Songs like “From the Nest” and “Welspryng” lyrically deal with content that needed addressing; getting our fingers dirty in relationships & the irony of searching for love while hurting your loved ones.
“Rumble” is an anthem. A call to battle. Not being a victim of your own limitations.

Brooke recently performed on NPR's Mountain Stage, debuting material from her new album at the show. The performance is set to air the week of March 15, 2013.

Details of a US tour will be announced in the near future and Brooke will be performing at the 2013 SXSW Music Festival.

Brooke Waggoner - "Ink Slinger" (from Originator)

Track listing for Originator: