Josh Rouse to Release Fan-Funded 'Happiness Waltz' in March

From Josh Rouse's Pledge Music page: In March 2013, Josh Rouse will release his 10th full length album The Happiness Waltz. After over 15 years of making music. Starting with the humble beginnings of Dressed Up Like Nebraska into the throw back spirit of 1972 and onto his move to Spain with Subtitulo and El Turista, this new album brings it all full circle. Says Rouse: "This album has some classic pop songs on it that I think you'll be humming for years to come." The new album follows up his 2011 release Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations.

Recorded in his Spanish hometown of Valencia at his newly christened studio Rio Bravo, The Happiness Waltz hints back to Josh’s love of 70’s AM radio while keeping the lyrical perspective in the present; touching on what it means to be a husband and father while being a career artist and songwriter.

With much of the themes of this record rooted in family, we wanted to be sure to reach out and include our extended family, Josh’s loving and passionate fans, into the process this time around.