Yo La Tengo's 'Fade' Announced for January 15 Street

Longrunning New Jersey/Brooklyn alt-pop and indie rock band Yo La Tengo has announced the January 15 release of their thirteenth studio album Fade. This is the group's first release since 2009's critically praised Popular Songs.

From the press release: Recorded with John McEntire at Soma Studios Electronic Studios in Chicago, Fade is reminiscent of landmarks like 1997‘s I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One and 2000’s And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, but there’s no shortage of moments that stand far apart from anything the trio have done previously. The 10 song collection, arguably the most focused and cohesive output from Ira, Georgia and James to date, is a tapestry of fine melody and elegant noise, rhythmic shadowplay and shy-eyed orchestral beauty, songcraft and experimentation.

Fade‘s lyrical themes of aging, tragedy and emotional bonds are woven into a fully-realized whole; the results are direct, personal and more than a little uplifting. If it’s frustrating for us to hint at an album this evocative and heartbreaking without giving you something to check out in advance, check this space tomorrow at around 10am eastern time. (The deluxe LP comes in a numbered edition printed on rainbow foil with a bonus 7″ featuring two exclusive covers: “I Saw The Light” (Todd Rundgren) b/w “Move To California” (Times New Viking) ; MP3 download accompanying the deluxe edition includes an additional 11-minute bonus track, untitled as of this writing).


Side 1

1. Ohm
2. Is That Enough
3. Well You Better
4. Paddle Forward
5. Stupid Things

Side 2
1. I’ll Be Around
2. Cornelia and Jane
3 Two Trains
4. The Point Of It
5. Before We Run