The Cure to Release Concert Performance 'Bestival Live 2011' on December 6

Robert Smith and The Cure will release a Bestival Live 2011, a 2-CD set of their live performance at September's Bestival in the U.K. on December 6. This is the band's first live album since 1993's Paris and Show and the first to include an entire show from start to finish. Track listing below...

'“A two and a half hour Cure few of us dared to dream of. The Cure had pulled off the epitome of the festival set akin to Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 or Macca at Glasto '04, and every bit as legendary. It was a show so perfectly constructed and immaculately representative of every phase and leaning of The Cure's career.” - The Guardian

“Greatest hits owners immediately got their moneys worth with the appearance of 'The 'Lovecats' followed by the equally infectious "Hot Hot Hot" and 'Why Can't I Be You'. As a special treat 'The Caterpillar' was dragged from the vaults making its first live appearance in many many moons. Robert Smith reminding all of his ability to craft those great three minute love songs.” - Clash Magazine

“Always underpinned by a sense of drama, the band revelled in the grand stage setting. The bittersweet, candid lyrics and warm, accessible hooks of songs such as 'Just Like Heaven' and rapturous encore highlight 'Boys Don’t Cry' were joyous – truly the stuff of rock-and-roll icons.” - The Telegraph



1. Plainsong
2. Open
3. Fascination Street
4. A Night Like This
5. The End Of The World
6. Lovesong
7. Just Like Heaven
8. The Only One
9. The Walk
10. Push
11. Friday I'm In Love
12. Inbetween Days
13. Play For Today
14. A Forest
15. Primary


1. Shake Dog Shake
2. The Hungry Ghost
3. One Hundred Years
4. End
5. Disintegration
6. (Encore)
7. Lullaby
8. The Lovecats
9. The Caterpillar
10. Close To Me
11. Hot Hot Hot!!!
12. Let's Go To Bed
13. Why Can't I Be You?
14. (Encore 2)
15. Boys Don't Cry
16. Jumping Someone Else's Train
17. Grinding Halt
18. 10:15 Saturday Night
19. Killing Another