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The Lone Bellow - S/T

Falling somewhere between the southern folk revival appeal of The Civil Wars and The Lumineers, Brooklyn's The Lone Bellow are a trio of alt-folk, country and roots music aficionados who just can't quit a memorable melody saturated with sweetly and exuberantly rendered three-part harmony. New self-titled debut features founder, frontman and key songwriter Zach Williams, vocalist/mandolin maven-ette Kanene Pipken and singer/guitarist Brian Elmquist exploring the wide-open musical landscapes of contemporary acoustic music in what Pipken succinctly calls "country soul." That particular style of raw emotionalism refined and restrained in the grip of a velvet glove can be heard to great effect throughout The Lone Bellow's warm, organic production, songs like the rough-hewn gospel-styled roof-raiser "You Never Need Nobody" playing out like rural hymn of both nuance and power. Stream "Tree To Grow" below...

The Lone Bellow - 'You Never Need Nobody' (from The Lone Bellow)

The Lone Bellow - 'Tree To Grow' (from The Lone Bellow)