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Lisa Knapp - Hidden Seam

South London songwriter Lisa Knapp has one foot firmly planted in the classic traditions of British folk and one stepping bravely into adventurous contemporary art/pop -- something of a Laura Marling-meets-Bjork mashup. The title of her 2007 debut album Wild and Undaunted aptly summed up Knapp's genre-busting style with creative arrangements and production, utilising atmospheric minimalism (inspired by the Phillip Glass and Steve Reich), electronic looping and even some stripped Americana to bend and shape her U.K. folk roots. The title track to Knapp's long-awaited September 24 album Hidden Seam promises more daring experiments to come as the song morphs into ever more dramatic twists, turns and unexpected vocal layerings. Click through below to watch a fan-made video for the Wild and Undaunted track "There U R" and a live-at-home version of "I Wish My Love Was A Cherry."

Lisa Knapp - "Hidden Seam" (from the album Hidden Seam)